Sunday, May 2, 2021

Catching A Wave 05-03-21


We hear from the late, great Dick Dale in our "Green Room" segment as he tells how he got his rhythm sound.  Plus, Beth Riley has a classic tune from The Beach Boys in her Surf's Up: Beth's Beach Boys Break, we drop a coin in the Jammin' James Jukebox for this week's selection and we get a trio of James Bond themed tunes from Glen Campbell, Webb Wilder and Danny Amis & Twin Tones.  We also play The Reverbivores, Wondermints, The Neptunas, Brian Wilson, Deke Dickerson & The Sex-Phonics, The Buttondowns, The Fantastic Baggys, The Men In Gray Suits, The Green Reflectors and The Spiratones.  

Hear episode here:

Intro music bed "Catch A Wave"- The Beach Boys

The Spiratones- "The Walnut Whip"
The Reverbivores- "Third Rail Power Trip"

007 James Bond themes:
Webb Wilder- "Goldfinger"
Glen Campbell- "James Bond Theme"
Danny Amis & Twin Tones- "Thunderball"

Deke Dickerson & The Sex-Phonics- "Morocco Twist"
Wondermints- "Guess I'm Dumb"
Brian Wilson- "You've Got A Friend"

Surf's Up: Beth's Beach Boys Break-
The Beach Boys- "Feel Flows"
Follow "Surf's Up: Beth's Beach Boys Break" HERE

The Men In Gray Suits- "Spicoli's Lament"
The Green Reflectors- "Coke Can Crab"
The Neptunas- "Secret Of The Sea"

Green Room segment:
Dick Dale on his rhythm sound
Dick Dale- "The Beast"

Jammin' James Jukebox selection of the week:
The Rip-Chords- "The Queen"
The Fantastic Baggys- "Wax Up Your Board"
The Buttondowns- "Endless Summer"

Outro Music Bed: The Surfaris- "James Bond/ Peter Gunn Theme"