Monday, November 13, 2017

Chris Casello interview & more! Catching A Wave 11-13-17

The Sabres (Rudy Varner, Chris Casello, Loney Charles)
We chat with guitarist Chris Casello later in the show this week.  We talk about surf guitar influences as well as his involvement with The Prodigals and The Sabres! Plus, we spin NEW songs from The Surfrajettes and The Splashdowns along with a "trio from Chuck Rio", The Explorers Club, The Beach Boys, Surfer Joe, our weekly trivia question and more!

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Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

The Sabres- "Mr. Moto"
The Splashdowns- "Micro Meteorites"
Trio from Chuck Rio:
The Persuaders & Chuck Rio- "Toes On The Nose"
The Champs- "T.N.T."
Chuck Rio & The Originals- "Margarita"

Duane Eddy- "Ramrod"
Interview segment 1
The Ventures- "Oh Lonesome Me"
Interview segment 2
Chris Casello Trio- "Miserlu"
Interview segment 3
The Prodigals- "Sharkskin Buffalo"
Chris Casello Trio- "Walk, Don't Run"
Interview segment 4
The Sabres- "Ride The Savage"

The Beach Boys- "Shelter"
The Explorers Club- "No Strings Attached"
The Astronauts- "Come Along Baby"
Spies Who Surf- "Spy Beach"
The Surfrajettes- "Cha Cha Heels"
Surfer Joe- "Beach City Bop"

Outro music bed: Chris Casello Trio- "El Nino"