Monday, October 23, 2017

Catching A Wave 10-23-17

We spin solo tracks from Beach Boys members Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, Dennis Wilson, Carl Wilson & Brian Wilson this week.  Plus, hear rockers from Slacktone, The Lively Ones, Dick Dale, Hillbilly Soul Surfers, Martin Cilia, Tijuana Panthers, our weekly trivia question and more!!

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Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

Happy Times- "Lo-Fi Spy"
Slacktone- "The Bells Of St. Kahuna"
Dick Dale- "Surfin' And A Swingin'"
The Denvermen- "Avalon Stomp"
The Lively Ones- "Telstar"
Al Jardine- "A California Saga" 
Bruce Johnston- "Down Under"
Dennis Wilson- "Sound Of Free"
Carl Wilson- "Too Early To Tell"
Brian Wilson- "Surf's Up"
The Lustre Kings- "Bottlerocket"
Tijuana Panthers- "Foolish"
Big Ray & The Futuras- "Surf Hammer"
The Real Gone- "Uprising"
The Mighty Surf Lords- "Mighty Bah-Room"
Glen Campbell- "Tequila"
Hillbilly Soul Surfers- "Scratchin' And Twistin"
Martin Cilia- "Futurama"

Outro music bed:  Surfin Gorillas- "Penetration"