Monday, September 25, 2017

Catching A Wave 09-25-17

New tune from Miami Dan with David Marks this week plus 2 tunes from the late Glen Campbell, Mike Love talks to us about "Pisces Brothers", Dean Torrence talks about the Jan & Dean and The Monkees' tv show launches, rockers from Darrel Higham, Go-Go's, The Astronauts, The Explorers Club, Annette Funicello, The Surfin' Gorillas, our weekly trivia question and lots more!

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Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

The Surfin' Gorillas- "Surfin' Crazy"
The El Caminos- "Jet Stream"
Annette- "Draggin' USA"
The Beach Boys- "Car Crazy Cutie"

Darrel Higham- "In Summer"
Miami Dan & The Hayes Street Band- "High Surf" (featuring David Marks)
The Cadillac Angels- "Wray Gunn"
Go-Go's- "Surfing & Spying"
Man Or Astro-man?- "Defcon 5"
Dick Dale- "Firing Up"
Glen Campbell- "Sassy"
Glen Campbell- "Guess I'm Dumb"
Mike Love on Pisces Brothers
Mike Love- "Pisces Brothers"
The Explorers Club- "Gold Winds"
Dean Torrence on The Monkees and Jan & Dean tv show launches
Jan & Dean- "In The Still Of The Night"
The Astronauts- "Surf Softly & Carry A Big Board"
The Cherokees- "Thundercloud"

Outro music bed:  Los Straitjackets- "Yeah Yeah Yeah"