Monday, September 18, 2017

Catching A Wave 09-18-17

Let's go surfin' now with a new tunes from The Men In Gray Suits and The Hula Girls plus rockers from Sleepy LaBeef, The Rebel Rousers, Hawthorne, Dick Dale, The Kaisers, The Atlantics, The Savoys, our weekly trivia question and LOTS more!!  

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Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

The Men In Gray Suits- "Panic At The Pier"
Sleepy LaBeef- "Wipeout"
The Beach Boys- "Little Girl (You're My Miss America)"
The Savoys- "Slappin' Rods & Leaky Oil"
The Silicon- "Surf Medley"
The Kaisers- "Trufflehog"
The Atlantics- "Shark Attack"
Dave York & The Beachcombers- "(Let's Have A) Beach Party"
Shelley Fabares- "Lost Summer Love"
Jeffrey Foskett (with Brian Wilson)- "Everything I Need"
Hawthorne- "In California"
Mark Eric- "Place For The Summer"
The Hula Girls- "Return Of The Hawaiian Eye"
Dick Dale- "Hava Nagila"
The Tiki Tones- "Typhoon Twist"
Murry Wilson- "The Warmth Of The Sun"
The Rebel Rousers- "Peter Gunn Twist"
The Surfaders- "Dragstrip Murder Mystery"
Martin Cilia- "Riff A Go Go"

Outro music bed:  Eddie Angel- "Black Widow"