Monday, June 19, 2017

Catching A Wave 06-19-17

Glen Campbell performs a medley of The Beach Boys live and is heard playing guitar on a track by Jimmie Haskell.  We also hear a "kick off to summer" block with summer themes by The Monkees, Marco Di Maggio, Cliff Richard, The Hi-Risers and of course The Beach Boys.  We also hear tunes from Hep Cat Boo Daddies, Dick Dale, The Mentawais, Truly Lover Trio, The Atlantics, Hawaii Samuraii, our weekly trivia question and more!

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Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

Hawaii Samurai- "Surf Or Die"
The Atlantics- "Bombora"
The Mentawais- "Finless Slide"
The Tornados- "Earthy"
Truly Lover Trio- "Surfrider"
Jimmie Haskell- "Goofy Foot Glen" (Glen Campbell on guitar)
Glen Campbell- "Beach Boys Medley" (live)
Teisco Del Ray- "Pier Pressure"
Dick Dale- "Those Memories Of You"
The Monkees- "You Bring The Summer"
The Beach Boys- "All Summer Long"
The Hi-Risers- "Summertime Here We Come"
Marco Di Maggio- "Summertime Blues"
Cliff Richard & The Shadows- "Here Comes Summer"
Brian Stacy (T.G. Sheppard)- "High School Days"
Jan & Dean- "New Girl In School"
Bang Mustang- "Surf Oddity"
Hep Cat Boo Daddies- "Super Surf Psycho"

Outro music bed: Jerry Cole & His Spacemen- "The Strut"