Monday, April 3, 2017

Catching A Wave 04-03-17

We get new tracks from Gary Griffin as well as The Strangebeats on this week's Catching A Wave!  Plus, we'll spin tunes from Los Straitjackets, Hawthorne, Bamboo Trading Company, The Hi-Risers, The Mystics, 3 solo tunes from Carl Wilson, Brian Wilson and Dennis Wilson, 3 songs about California from Freddy Cannon, Papa Doo Run Run with Randell Kirsch and the John Lindberg Trio, our weekly trivia question and lots more!

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Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

Los Straitjackets- "Fury"
The Champs- "Mau Mau Stomp"
Carl Wilson- "She's Mine"
Dennis Wilson- "What's Wrong"
Brian Wilson- "One Of A Kind"
The Strangebeats- "The Condor"
The Hi-Risers- "Ghost Of A Surfer Girl"
Mark McGrath- "It's Always Sunny"
The Bamboo Trading Company- "Kitty Hawk"
The Sentinals- "Sunset Beach"
Hawthorne- "Wake Up To Summer"
The Plungers- "Takin' The Plunge"
Freddy Cannon- "California Here I Come"
Pappa Doo Run Run with Randell Kirsch- "California Sleepwalking"
John Lindberg Trio- "California"
The Beach Boys- "Summer In Paradise"
The Mystics- "Hushabye"
Gary Griffin- "Love Will Arrive"

Outro music bed:  Dick Dale- "Smoke On The Water"