Monday, March 27, 2017

Catching A Wave 03-27-17

This week, we hear from Martian Denny Orchestra, Martin Cilia, Surfer Joe, The Explorers Club, Bobby Freeman (who passed away January 28th), Coastgaard, The Terrorsurfs, The Zillatones, Weezer, weekly trivia question and more!!

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Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

Martin Cilia- "Pipeline"
Weezer- "Surf Wax America"
Surfer Joe- "Waveboard Action"
Said The Ripper- "Scalper Jack"
Bobby Freeman
June 13, 1940-
January 23, 2017
The Zillatones- "Surf 112"
Insect Surfers- "Surf, Sun & Sound"
Satan's Pilgrims- "Wave"
The Surfettes- "Sammy The Sidewalk Surfer"
Miami Dan & The Hayes Street Band- "The Days Ahead"
Bruce Johnston- "The Hamptons"
The Beach Boys- "Help Me Rhonda"
Martian Denny Orchestra- "Crossfire"
The Explorers Club- "Hold Me Tight"
Coastgaard- "Dear Nessie"
Jan & Dean with The Flirts- "(Bop Bop) On The Beach"
Bobby Freeman- "Do You Wanna Dance"
The Terrorsurfs- "Schlock Wave"
The Volcanos- "Beatnik Bandit"

Outro music bed:  The Beach Boys- "The Rocking Surfer"