Monday, October 17, 2016

Randell Kirsch interview/ Catching A Wave 10-17-16

Veteran musician Randell Kirsch is our guest on this week's Catching A Wave!  We discuss early influences, early group The Pranks (with Jeff Foskett), playing with multiple bands (Jan & Dean, The Beach Boys, Papa Doo Run Run, Al Jardine & Friends, Bamboo Trading Company, etc.), playing in Show Of Hands with his wife LuAnn and friend Chris Hickey, writing songs for Full House, playing with Christian Love and so much more!

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Intro music bed:  The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

Papa Doo Run Run- "Summertime Summer Nights"
Randell Kirsch segment 1
The Pranks- "What's The Point"
Segment 2
Jan & Dean- "Sidewalk Surfin'"
Jane Wiedlin- "Blue Kiss"
Segment 3
Show Of Hands- "Try Too Hard"
Segment 4
Snippet of John Stamos- "Michelle's Smiling"
Segment 5

Papa Doo Run Run- "I'll Meet You On The Sand"
Randell Kirsch- "Gimme A Hug"
Segment 6
Randell Kirsch- "God Only Knows"
Segment 7
Randell Kirsch & Christian Love- "Big Electricity"
Al Jardine & Friends- "Surfin' USA"
Segment 8
The Bamboo Trading Company- "Don't Say It's Over"
Segment 9
Randell Kirsch- "True Love Again"
Jan & Dean- "I Get Around"

Outro music bed:  Papa Doo Run Run- "The Giant Dipper"
Scott Totten, John Stamos, Randell Kisch, Mike Love
with The Beach Boys

with Christian Love

Show Of Hands- "Time Passes"