Monday, October 3, 2016

David Beard ESQ Fall interview/ Catching A Wave 10-03-16

Fall issue of Endless Summer Quarterly

Endless Summer Quarterly's David Beard joins us this week to talk about the Fall issue of the magazine as well as recent tours and releases from The Beach Boys.  We'll discuss the 50th Anniversary of Pet Sounds, "Good Vibrations" and much more!  We'll have David on once a quarter to get the inside scoop behind "America's Band"!  We also hear some tracks from The Gamblers (featuring Bruce Johnston), The Explorers Club, The Sabres, Duane Eddy, Danny Amis, The Sandals, Donna Loren and Aki Aleong & The Nobles!

Hear episode here:

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Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

The Gamblers- "Moon Dawg"
The Explorers Club- "Once In A While"
The Sandals- "Theme From Endless Summer"
Donna Loren- "Muscle Bustle"
Aki Aleong & The Nobles- "Body Surf"

David Beard interview:
Segment 1
Brian Wilson & Friends (featuring Al Jardine)- "California Saga"
Segment 2
The Beach Boys- "I'm Waiting For The Day"
Segment 3
The Beach Boys- "Wouldn't It Be Nice"
Segment 4
The Beach Boys- "Good Vibrations"
Segment 5
The Beach Boys- "Cabin Essence"

The Sabres- "Jack The Ripper"
Danny Amis & Twin Tones- "Twilight Town"
Duane Eddy- "Banana Peels"

Outro music bed: Dick Dale- "Smoke On The Water"