Monday, October 24, 2016

Catching A Wave 10-24-16

Glen Campbell (far right) while a touring member with The Beach Boys
A double shot of Glen Campbell reveals "In My Arms" (with guests Dick Dale, Brian Setzer and Chris Isaak) and "Walk Don't Run".  We also hear 3 rare recordings from The Beach Boys along with tunes by Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos, Elvis Presley, Santo & Johnny, Reach Around Rodeo Clowns, Pearl Jam, Surfer Joe, Dick Dale with Stevie Ray Vaughan and more!!

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Intro music bed:  The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave"

Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos- "Phantom Surfer"
Elvis Presley- "Slicin' Sand"
The Kanaloas- "Fat Fender"
The Dead Rocks- "Mr. Antonis"
Surfer Joe- "The North Swell"
Duane Eddy- "Water Skiing"
Dick Dale with Stevie Ray Vaughan- "Pipeline"
Pearl Jam- "Gremmie Out Of Control"
The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns- "Bad Dude's A Surfin'"
The Champs- "Tequila"
Glen Campbell- "In My Arms"
Glen Campbell- "Walk Don't Run"
The Beach Boys- "I Get Around" (a capella)
The Beach Boys- "Good Vibrations" (live)
The Beach Boys- "Ruby Baby"
The Surf Chasers- "Tommy Gun"
The Rivingtons- "Papa Oom Mow Mow"
Rondo Hutton- "Storm Surge"
Santo & Johnny- "Sleep Walk"

Outro music bed:  Los Straitjackets- "Telstar"